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The server uses advanced damage system for weapons with custom handling.

The damage is calculated based on the distance to target, body part that was hit, protection equipment and different boosters (injections).

All damage is synced by the shooter (except vehicles). So only what happens on shooter's screen matter.

Turn on "Show damage" in User Panel (F2 on the server) to see incoming and outgoing damage values.

Range (distance to target)

Example of damage calculation based on weapon range. Damage is reduced if shooter is far away from the target.

Maximum visibility range for peds (players) in this game is 300 units (usually below 250). It depends on hardware and MTA settings ("Draw Distance", "Render peds always in high detail").

Range: 75 - 120

If shooter is farther than 120 units the damage will be 0.

If shooter is closer than 25 units (33% of low range) then the damage will not be changed (maximum).

If shooter is between 25 and 120 units then the damage will be gradually reduced to 0 based on this distance.

Headshots Range: 90

If shooter is within 90 units from target then headshot (bullet in the head) will instantly kill the target.

Note: The Helmet might save the target from instant death if weapon has base damage lower than 12000.

So essentially higher values are better (less damage reduction based on the distance).

You can check out the range and other properties of all weapons here.

Body parts

The damage is different if you hit different body parts (torso, legs, hands). Maximum damage in this case means previously adjusted damage (based on the distance).

Note: body parts calculation is not used for animals or small zombies (like dogs).

  • Head

Maximum damage is always applied.

The target will die instantly if shooter is close enough (within "Headshots Range") and if target is not wearing a Helmet.

Please note that Helmet will not save the target if base damage of the weapon is higher than 12000 or if helmet is damaged (0% - the state is displayed in Inventory).

  • Torso

Maximum damage is applied if player is not wearing a bulletproof vest.

Bulletproof vest reduces the damage by 85% as long as the vest is in good shape (> 0% - the state is displayed in Inventory).

  • Hands

55% less damage.

  • Legs

40% less damage.

  • Ass

30% less damage.

Typical case: the target is standing sideways relatively to the shooter. In most cases like this at far distance the damage will go to hands if you try to shoot torso.

Basic physics: the visual size of the target is getting smaller as you move farther away from it. Smaller visual target = less accurate body parts calculation.

Boosters (injections)

Some character skills affect damage (incoming and outgoing). These skills are tied to character level (higher level = higher boost).

  • Damage boost (level 20 = 30% damage increase)
  • Protection boost (level 19 = 30% damage reduction)

There are Injections in game that can temporary boost damage or protection.

Other items:

  • EOD Bomb Suit (reduces incoming damage up to 80% and protects from headshots)


Damage to vehicles works a little bit differently. There are 4 damage groups that are based on weapon damage (basic logic: more powerful weapon = more damage).

  • For all explosions the damage is fixed to 400 - 700 units.
  • Some military vehicles can withstand more damage by default (up to 70-90% less damage).
  • The vehicle armor (steel sheets) additionally reduces damage by 30%.
  • 50% less damage if you shoot the windows.
  • The weapon range calculations are applied in the same way it works for peds (players).

Vehicle damage is primarily synced by the driver. So only what happens on driver's screen actually matters.


Obstacles in game lower the damage from explosions. Thin wall = more damage, thick wall = less damage.

EOD Bomb Suit allows player to withstand up to 2 basic explosions (for example Grenade explosions).