Steel Sheet

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Loot Item
Steel Sheet
Steel Sheet
Category Vehicle Components
Shop price 2 vm
Inventory slots 4

The Steel Sheet is an industrial item in MTA DayZ.

This item is used to armor vehicles (more sheets = more armor). The armor gives additional protection from damage.

You can install it using vehicle actions menu (come close to the vehicle and it will appear in the left middle part of the screen).

Where to find

You can craft this item by using Melting Furnace in Las Venturas. Any metal will work: you put enough metal (for example weapons) into this furnace and get steel sheets in return.

Most loot places with Steel Sheet located in Las Venturas (26%). Other places in Bone County (14%), San Fierro (14%), Red County (10%), Stalker County (9%), Los Santos (6%), Custom Island 3 (5%), Flint County (4%), Tierra Robada (3%), Whetstone (2%), Custom Island 2 (1.1%), Military Ships (0.7%) and Custom Island 1 (0.4%).

Spawn chances table:

Place Chance
Industrial loot (military) 8%
Construction loot 1%