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The Stalker County is a special area in the GTA San Andreas world. Connected to Whetstone and Custom Island 2.

There you will find a completely separate gameplay based on the famous game "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." with its own unique look and feel.

This area is dangerous. Various anomalies are scattered everywhere. If you interact with it then the gravity might change for a second or it can blind you, break your leg, set you on fire.

  • Anomalies are represented as various game effects;
  • Each anomaly is a separate source of radiation (the closer to the anomaly, the more radiation player receives);
  • 6 dangerous radioactive hurricanes are raging in this area (visually visible + marked on the map);
  • The number and positions of anomalies change during radiation burst (at the start new anomalies are created on new positions and in the process the amount decreases to 30%).

Radiation burst (radiation release)

The player gets radiation poisoning every second of being in this area during radiation burst.

  • Different levels of radiation in different parts of this map;
  • The burst (release) of radiation starts every 2 hours and lasts 1 hour (during this time the level of radiation gradually decreases);
  • A warning siren sounds just before the release of radiation and the weather changes after the release;
  • Buildings can protect against radiation (except for some powerful radiation sources like hurricane);
  • The water is always radioactive, radiation level depends on how deep the player is in;
  • The player receives 2 times more radiation on a boat or high in the air above the location;
  • Geiger counter (sound) notifies about radiation exposure or closeness to radiation sources (higher frequency - more dangerous);
    • You can turn off this sound by typing /geiger into local chat (T).

Radiation exposure

The radiation exposure limits the maximum amount of blood.

For example, if radiation exposure is 50% then maximum blood level will be 6000 (the standard is 12000).

  • The level of exposure is displayed in the debug monitor (F5) as well as inside the blood icon (visually shows the maximum level of blood);
  • Player's current blood level gradually decreases to a new maximum during gameplay (if radiation exposure is > 0%);
  • To restore the maximum level of blood (to be fully healed) you have to use specific stalker types of loot (for example: RAD Away 100, Medic Kit RAD 100). Check out Medicines list to find out more loot;
  • A radioactive player poisons other players nearby (limited to this new area so it will not harm regular gameplay).

Loot boxes

5 loot boxes with good loot are hidden in this area (respawns every 2 hours when new radiation burst starts). To open these boxes you have to acquire STALKER Key by killing zombies or bots in this area.

The search area for low and medium boxes may be displayed on the map (F11) as white colored circles.

Keys can't be transferred between players. You can see the amount of keys you have in "Hints" panel (F9 on the server).


This area is filled with dangerous zombies.

  • Vanoga damages players by screaming (stun effect);
  • Bloater is radioactive (the exposure level depends on the distance);
  • Sunflower is a zombie with a lantern instead of a head (it temporary blinds a player);
  • Mini Bloodsucker is a baby version of Bloodsucker;
  • Kicker bounces players on hit.

How to find

This island located in bottom / middle left part of the GTA San Andreas map. You can use our Interactive map to check it out online.

Stalker County (show on the map)