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Loot Item
Category Other Stuff
Inventory slots 0.01

The STALKER Key is an item in MTA DayZ. This key is required to open certain closed boxes:

Where to find

This key spawns inside zombies or bots within Stalker County.

The special effect will be created on top of dead body if this key drops (the effect lasts only a few seconds).

Zombie Chance
Super Bloodsucker 20%
Military zombie (chemical) 13%
Hospital zombie (chemical) 12%
Bloater 11%
Officer 10%
Vanoga 10%
Leper 10%
Stalker 7%
Sunflower 7%
Slasher 6%
Clot 6%
Bloodsucker 5%
Radioactive zombie 4%
Mini Bloodsucker 4%
Kicker 3%
Cheerleader 1%
Wolf 1%
Sniper 0.5%
Fitman 0.3%
Military zombie 0.2%