EOD Bomb Suit

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Loot Item
EOD Bomb Suit
EOD Bomb Suit
Category Clothes
Shop price 150 vm
Inventory slots 6

The EOD Bomb Suit is clothes item in MTA DayZ. This is the most powerful suit in the game. It can withstand a grenade explosion and many bullets (reduces damage).

This item gives protection from radiation poisoning (30%).



Where to find

Spawn chances table:

Place Chance
Bag (air drop) 5%
Stalker box (high) 4%
Military loot (husk) 4%
Military loot (fleshpound) 2%
Underwater military box 1%
Closed military box (big) 1%

Available actions

Action Description
Put clothes on Character's clothes can be changed by double-click (or via context menu) in Inventory.