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Loot Item
Category Ammunition
Shop price 2 vm
Inventory slots 0.5

The Flare is an ammunition item in MTA DayZ. Primarily used by Flare gun weapon.

Where to find

Most loot places with Flare located in Los Santos (26%). Other places in Las Venturas (21%), San Fierro (17%), Red County (11%), Tierra Robada (7%), Bone County (5%), Whetstone (3%), Flint County (3%) and Outside the map (2%).

Spawn chances table:

Place Chance
Sniper loot 10%
Crashed bus 10%
Supermarket loot 10%
Military box (island) 10%
Residential loot 10%
Farm loot 10%
Water area loot 10%
Crashed IFV 10%
Underwater military box 8%
Medical lab 8%
Military loot 7%
Industrial loot (military) 6%
Military loot (medium) 5%
Hunter loot 5%

Also you can find this item with related weapons (listed below).


Weapon Damage
Flare gun 2000