GM6 Lynx

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Loot Item
GM6 Lynx
GM6 Lynx
Category Anti-materiel rifles
Equipment slot Primary
Shop price 60 vm
Inventory slots 3
Ammo GM6 Mag
Damage 37552
Range 1000

The GM6 Lynx is an anti-materiel rifle in MTA DayZ. It can use primary slot in player's Inventory. Related to military loot.

Damage of this weapon depends on distance to target. Top range is 1000 (distance units). Top damage is 37552 (blood). Usually between 30037 and 36800.

Where to find

Spawn chances table:

Place Chance
Artifact Tent 40%
Military loot (fleshpound) 8%
Bag (air drop) 3%
Closed military box (big) 1%

Available actions

Action Description
Equip Primary Weapon This item can be equipped by double-click (or via context menu) in Inventory.
Note:It appears in the player's hand.