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The Humanity (or karma) is a number that represents the behavior of a player. Good (humanity > 10000) = hero, bad (humanity < 0) = bandit.

Default level: 2500. To see your current level of humanity press F5 in game (debug monitor).

You will receive different skins depending on the level of karma (bandit / hero).

How it works

Every minute of active gameplay the amount of karma increases by 2 (up to 2500). Additional bonus (+50) for every hour of gameplay.

You receive different amount of karma for killing zombies / bots (the amount depends on class; from 1 to 600 points).

For completing the quest: +500.

For killing bandit (+): 1500 - 3000.

For killing regular players (-): 1000 - 2500.

For killing recently re-spawned player: -3000.

Humanity level changes if you use specific items: