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How to

  1. Change the texture of a skin or a car (vinyls)
  2. Reparacion de Vehiculos (how to repair vehicle in Spanish) (by Jota)
  3. Collect and find the Artifact Tent filled with military loot


  1. Looting LS (by End4ll)
  1. Looting LV (video 1) (by End4ll)
  1. Military Area, Island, Bridge of bots, Military Hospital (by KingOfSoldier)
  2. San Fierro (general) (by lunnyxstr6p)
  • Bot places
  1. How to clear botplaces (Tierra Robada, Las Venturas) (by ssorceN)

Game moments

  1. Episode #37 (by carlostigre100)
  2. RETURNING??? (by 0L1VE1R4)
  3. La Chona Challenge (by DayzBrayan)
  4. AREA 51 PVP (by Logannyr)

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