Artifact Tent

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Loot Item
Artifact Tent
Artifact Tent
Category Tents
Equipment slot Special
Inventory slots 5
Storage slots 200

The Artifact Tent is an item in MTA DayZ. It can use special slot in player's Inventory.

This tent is special. If you put it on the ground - it will be full of loot (click to see what could spawn).

How to find the Artifact

To find the Artifact you need to acquire certain amount of Artifact Parts. The amount is different (from 49 to 64).

You can determine the exact amount if you have at least one Artifact Part (open Inventory and hover the item).

After you find all required parts you will be able to get position of Artifact Tent with loot using Map.

Available actions

Action Description
Pitch a tent This item can be used by double-click (or via context menu) in Inventory.
Note:Tent appears on the ground in front of the player.
Pick up This item can be equipped via context menu in Inventory.
Note:It appears in the player's hand.