Robberies (bases)

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List of servers with robberies mode enabled

Robberies mode is disabled indefinitely
Information below is outdated (you can't rob bases without access)

Currently you can rob bases on following servers:

RU/UA #1 (IP: mtasa://

RU/UA #2 (IP: mtasa://

RU/UA #3 (IP: mtasa://

RU/UA #7 (IP: mtasa://

RU/UA #11 (IP: mtasa://


You can access any base (for example by opening gates if you have passwords) from 3-rd character level.

Access to tents and other features also depends on the level:

Level Permissions
3 You can loot tents (50 slots)
4 You can loot tents (100 and 150 slots)
5 You can loot tents (200 slots)

You can place or remove objects like sandbags, wire fences, etc.

You can use interior editor to create or remove objects

6 You can loot tents (500 slots)
7 You can loot tents (900 slots)
8 You can loot tents fast

You can access protected vehicles

Attention! If you have the access to the base then provided list doesn't affect you. You will have the only access that owner gave you, no matter of character level.

Usage of bugs

It's prohibited to use any game bugs or third-party software as well as game modifications in order to get the advantage. Basically anything unordinary for "fair" gameplay is prohibited.

In case if user robbed the base using prohibited method (like bugs) then everything inside the base will be returned to the owner and the thief will be banned (including everyone who helped to rob the base). Also we will remove everything that belongs to the thief. Anybody who helped to hide the stolen loot may face strong punishment as well.