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ID 443
Category Military Vehicles
Storage slots 50
Tires 6
Engines 1
Tank parts 1
Batteries 1
Tank volume 200
Fuel consumption 0.5
Max health 1000

The Packer is a military vehicle in MTA DayZ. The engine sound of this veihcle is fully customized (as well as other sounds).

The hood can be opened via actions menu.

You can install M-21OF rockets into vehicle mobile launcher. Rocket launcher interface can be opened via actions menu (mouse scroll) on the driver's seat or near vehicle.

You can get free rockets in military hangar (Verdant Meadows Airfield). Just park the vehicle on the platform inside hangar and wait. If rockets is available it will be installed in vehicle launcher. It takes a time, you can check progress via launcher interface.

Where to find (spawns)

2 vehicles on the server.

Spawn is random. It means that this model can respawn at any of these points:

# City Area Coordinates
1 Red County - 994, 505
2 Las Venturas - 935, 2577
3 Whetstone Angel Pine -1996, -2361
4 Flint County - -1070, -2851
5 Whetstone - -1555, -1594
6 Tierra Robada - -1284, 2432

You can check out all spawns on the Interactive Map.

Important note! This vehicle respawn every 24 hours.

Characteristics (handling)

Top speed: 70 mph.

Top speed (Turbo mode): 81 mph.

Drive Type RWD
Engine Acceleration 5.2
Engine Inertia 5
Brake Deceleration 5.7
Steering Lock 30