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Loot Item
Category Injections
Inventory slots 1

The INJECTION: Z-INV is a military item in MTA DayZ.

This injection makes you "invisible" for some zombies.

Duration: 5h - 24h.

How to hide from zombies

To hide from zombies (make them ignore you) you have to acquire a certain level first. If your level is high enough then some zombies will not follow you.

Zombie name Level required
Church zombie 1
Industrial zombie 1
Hunter 2
Hospital zombie 3
Farm zombie 4
Firefighter 5
Buldog 6
Sheepdog 7
Policeman 8
Pitbull 9
Prisoner 10
Fitman 11
Default zombie 12
Military zombie 13
Sniper 14
Radioactive zombie 15
Bloodsucker 20

Where to find

Spawn chances table:

Place Chance
Closed military box (big) 1%

Available actions

Action Description
Inject This item can be used by double-click (or via context menu) in Inventory.