How to Become an Editor

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The Editor is a person who have access to create or edit articles on this Wikipedia. We don't require any extraordinary abilities. All we need is research skills and of course - wish (to create something good).

Remember! You will not get any reward for your work here. Become an Editor only if you really want this.

What Editor can do

We offer unlimited access to articles. You will able to edit existing articles (for example: adding or removing info) and to create new articles (pages).

You can create any page you want about our project. But remember that promotion or any links / mentions to another projects is strongly prohibited.

Example of useful pages:

  • Hint (page with any useful information for new players; probably about some gamemode functions)
  • Team (page about clan / team on the project)
  • Event (page about event that happened on the project)

And of course you can create whatever you want if you think that it can help somebody or just to leave a mark on project history.

How to start

At this moment we don't accept applications

Write your application here -


Hello. I wanna be an Editor in English wiki. I want to create a page for my team and some articles to help new players.

Basically you have to write what you want to do in this Wikipedia (what pages or changes).

If everything goes ok you will get a response with login and password.

Page formatting

Easiest way to understand page formatting is to research page source. It's not so hard actually.

You can view source via button in the right top corner of article.

Also, the best tool to edit or create pages is a Visual Editor. You can open it by "Create" or "Edit" buttons in the right top corner of article page.

To create a new page you just need to type a name in Search field, press Enter and click "Create" on opened page.

Copy and Paste is a coolest thing in modern digital world. You can just copy wiki-text of any existing article (via "edit source" button) and paste it to your new page. Then you just need to change the text. Voila!


This is English part of our Wikipedia. So articles should be written in English.