Hazmat Suit L2 DAM

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Loot Item
Hazmat Suit L2 DAM
Hazmat Suit L2 DAM
Category Clothes
Inventory slots 3

The Hazmat Suit L2 DAM is clothes item in MTA DayZ.

This item gives protection from radiation poisoning (35%).

Please note that NOT damaged version of this item (Hazmat Suit L2) gives better protection (70%).



Where to find

This item is special. It appears in player's inventory after Hazmat Suit L2 is damaged and removed.

It can be converted back into normal version with the help of Hazmat Repair Kit.

Available actions

Action Description
Put clothes on Character's clothes can be changed by double-click (or via context menu) in Inventory.
Repair This item can be used via context menu in Inventory.
Note:It repairs damaged clothes.